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Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra: what Google offers with the video streaming devices


The Chromecast is available in the US for $35 (roughly Rs 2,329), and the Chromecast Ultra is coming soon for almost twice that price, for $69 (Roughly Rs 4,592). In India, only the Chromecast is available for Rs 3,399 and the Chromecast Ultra is not yet listed. The Chromecast Ultra can be expected to have a thousand rupees added to the direct conversion price considering that there is a similar price bump for the Chromecast in India.

The Chromecast is described as “Stream your favorite entertainment from your phone straight to your TV” whereas the Chromecast Ultra is described as “Stream in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR with stunning picture and lightning speed”. The Chromecast supports up to 1080p resolution, but the Chromecast Ultra cans stream in 4k. The Chromecast Ultra has a faster processor, which and is listed as being almost twice as fast as the Chromecast. The Chromecast Ultra also has a dedicated ethernet port, which should give a performance benefit as compared to wireless video streaming. Chromecast supports HDR streaming as well, but users can enjoy the benefit only if they have both HDR content and HDR TV.


Power users and early adopters will stand to benefit by using the Chromecast Ultra. To fully utilise the device, consumers need an ethernet cable close to their televisions. The television has to support both 4K video and HDR video. Bandwidth should also not be a constraint as 4K HDR video streaming is one of the most demanding applications and consumes a lot of data. Current owners of a device stand to benefit by an upgrade only if they own a 4K HDR television.