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Chocolate, Cardamom, Chili and Citrus


For all the dessert enthusiasts, we have a unique and enthralling dish that will impress everyone. This Chocolate, Cardamom, Chili and Citrus recipe is something that will surprise everyone with an extraordinary amalgamation of ingredients. It takes only half an hour to prepare but the 4 hours of freezing time is completely worth it. The addition of chilli can take many by surprise but it’s a taste enhancer that will serve your taste buds with a burst of flavours that you won’t be able to resist.

300 gm dark chocolate
1 teaspoon green cardamom
2 dry red chili
300 gm heavy cream
1 teaspoon citrus zest
1 tangerine

Step 1
To prepare this delicious recipe, use a double boiler to melt the dark chocolate completely. Then, in a large bowl, whip the cream till soft peaks.

Step 2
Now, chop up the dried red chillies and set it aside. Then, fold the whipped cream into the melted chocolate and add the cardamom powder along with the chopped chillies.

Step 3
Next, take a baking dish and pour the mixture into it. Cover it using a shrink wrap and chill for 4 hours.

Step 4
To plate this dish, take out scoops of the mixture and place them on a serving plate. Garnish with fresh tangerines, tangerine zest and chili flakes. Enjoy the delicious dessert!