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Cheese and Herb Ravioli


Pastas have a very big, and surprisingly a very versatile fan club. Cheese and Herb Ravioli is one of the most loved recipes of all times among the foodies. Served drenched in a creamy white sauce, this Italian recipe is further enhanced with the aroma of parsley, oregano, white pepper, and spiced up with red chilli flakes and leaves a luscious taste in the mouth.

250 gm pasta ravioli
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1 teaspoon white pepper powder
1 tablespoon chilli flakes
powdered black pepper as required
1/2 cup half and half
1 handful parsley
1 tablespoon oregano
salt as required
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil

For Garnishing:
4 leaves basil

Step 1
To prepare this main dish recipe, firstly, boil the ravioli in a pan with water over medium flame so that it becomes soft and tender. Once it gets a boiled, drain the excess water and transfer it in a bowl. Sprinkle some olive oil over it and mix it well.

Step 2
Place a sauce pan over medium flame and mix half and half and the cheddar cheese in it. Let the cheese melt and stir it well so that a white sauce is formed. Sprinkle salt, powdered black and white pepper over the sauce. Lower the flame and let the sauce thicken.

Step 3
Once the sauce attains the desired consistency, take it off the flame. Pour this sauce over the ravioli pasta, and season with parsley, oregano, and chilli flakes. Toss it well to coat the ravioli evenly. garnish with basil leaves and serve it hot with garlic bread to enjoy!