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Cheddar Cheese Crust Sandwich


Sandwiches are the ultimate answer to even the most stubborn hunger pangs and if they are oozing with cheese inside-out, then there’s no point trying to resist them. Cheddar Cheese Crust Sandwich would cast a magic spell on your epicurean self, with its molten cheddar cheese put generously both inside the sandwich and on the open side of the bread slice. Seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, this sandwich would be your favourite on-the-go breakfast, and your most dependable pre-dinner snack, as it would fill your tummy with its scrumptious goodness, while not compromising on the taste at all.

4 tablespoon butter
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
powdered black pepper as required
4 slices bread- white
salt as required

Step 1
Take a frying pan, add butter and toast the bread slices on both the sides, until they are crisp. Now, sprinkle two tablespoons grated cheese on two of the bread slices, while adding salt and pepper, and place the other two slices on the top of them, forming a sandwich.

Step 2
Use the rest of the cheese by putting it on the top of the sandwiches. Keep flipping the sandwiches until they turn crispy and golden-brown in colour. Serve hot and fresh.