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Blueair releases new lineup of air purifiers – Blue and Classic


Blueair showcased two new air purifier ranges including the Blue and Classic starting at a price of Rs. 22,990 and Rs. 55,000 respectively.

Blueair launched a new lineup of air purifier ranges including the Blue and Classic. The Blue series has more of a simple and good looking design to make it effortless, while the Classic series is directed towards more of a connected approach. Both the series further have more models divided according to room sizes, where the Blue series starts at Rs. 22,990 and the Classic series sells from Rs. 55,000.

The Blue has a sleek design so that it blends well with your living room rather than looking like an ugly rectangular box. It’s also super easy to use with the single button at the middle. There are two variants under the Blue line – Pure 211 and Pure 121. The Pure 211 was on display at the event which is capable of covering a room size of 540 sq. ft. It has replaceable fabric filters on the front that not only make the purifier look good but also act as a pre-filter. These filters are washable and available in five different colours – blue, yellow, pink, light gray and dark gray. The only difference between the 211 and the 121 is its room capacity where the Pure 121 can cover a room of about 620 sq. ft.


The Classic series is a more interesting lineup due to its connectivity option and remote access. Using the Blueair Aware monitor, the purifier can be intergrated to get more data about the indoor air quality.With the app (available on both the App Store and Play Store), you can control the purifier from anywhere in the world and also monitor the pollution levels indoors and even outdoors. The Classic range consists of the 280i (279 sq. ft.), 480i (434 sq. ft.) and 680i (775 sq. ft.) which includes HEPASilent Filters. There are several controls for the purifier on the top and to hide the bright LED lights it comes with a lid.

“Both the Blue and the Classic reflect Blueair’s industry leading design ethos to deliver simplicity together with inclusiveness in products innovated to deliver 100% air purification satisfaction, regardless of the pollution inside or out on the street”.