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Baingan Masala Curry


Summer is the time, when you can find brinjal in abundance and this curry recipe is one of the common dishes that you can prepare at home with hot chapatis or roti. It would surprise you, but Brinjal Masala Curry can be enjoyed with steamed rice as well and a very well known practice in southern India. So, to prepare this main dish recipe, all you need is brinjals or eggplants, onion, garlic, gram flour and a melange of ground and whole spices.

150 gm eggplant/ brinjal
salt as required
1 tablespoon refined oil
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
3 green chillies
7 cloves garlic
3 inches cinnamon stick
water as required
100 gm onion
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 dry red chili
7 leaves curry leaves
4 clove
2 tablespoon gram flour

Step 1
To prepare this yummy recipe, cut the eggplant (baingan) into 3-inch long pieces. Cut them into lengthwise and drop them in water to avoid decolouring.

Step 2
Peel the onion and cut it into lengthwise in a bowl. Next, cut green chillies in a small bowl.

Step 3
Now, put a pan on medium flame and heat oil in it. When the oil is hot enough, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon stick along with curry leaves. Saute for a few seconds and then add the chopped garlic in it, stir and saute the garlic until the raw smell goes away.

Step 4
Then, add onion in the pan along with eggplant pieces in it. Stir to mix the masala, and quickly pour a cup or two of water in the pan. Next, add the salt along with turmeric powder on the brinjal and mix once again.

Step 5
Afterwards, cover the pan with a lid and cook till the brinjal turns soft. Take a small bowl and mix together besan and water to make the besan starch and then, add it to the pan.

Step 6
Mix well the besan starch with the brinjal and cook the curry till they turn tender and soft. Turn off the flame when the curry is prepared. Baingan Masala Curry is ready, enjoy with roti and steamed rice.