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Baby Corn Satay


Baby Corn Satay is an exotic and tasteful Continental appetizer. It is prepared mainly by coating small baby corns with yogurt and various aromatic spices. Feel the crunch of cooked baby corns along with flavours of various spices by trying this appetizer soon. If you are someone whose kids are always running away from healthy food, then you should definitely prepare this delectable appetizer soon, which is nutritious and flavourful both at a same time. Baby corns have various health benefits. They are easy to digest and are a rich source of fiber. Adding capsicum and onions to the appetizer, makes it even more munchy in texture.

4 teaspoon refined oil
24 blanched baby corn
1 small capsicum (green pepper)
salt as required
1/2 cup spring onions

For Marination:
6 tablespoon yoghurt (curd)
2 teaspoon grated garlic
4 teaspoon corn flour
2 teaspoon chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon carom seeds

Step 1
To prepare this delicious appetizer, first take a large sized bowl and add curd along with chilli powder, carom seeds, grated garlic in it. Then, add little amount of oil in it. Now, add corn flour in the bowl and mix properly. Once done, transfer the blanched baby corns in the bowl. Make sure that each baby corn gets coated properly with the prepared marination. Keep aside for at least half an hour so that the flavours infuse properly.

Step 2
Meanwhile, chop neatly wash and clean spring onion, capsicum under running water. Then, finely chop onion and thinly slice capsicum vertically on a chopping board.

Step 3
Next, take a medium sized non-stick pan and place it on medium flame. Then, add and heat remaining quantity of oil in it. Now, add chopped and sliced vegetables(step 2) in the pan and saute for next 2 minutes. Then, transfer the marinated baby corns in the pan and saute for net 5-6 minutes. Once done, turn the flame off.

Step 4
Lastly, transfer the prepared appetizer in a serving dish and serve immediately. Instead, you could pierce each cooked baby corn in a toothpick and then place it neatly on a serving dish for better presentation. This is a vegetarian appetizer, but you may also marinate and cook chicken along in the same way for better taste, as per your preference.