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Asus announces its first laptops with Nvidia’s GTX 1070 graphics cards built in. Prices start at Rs 1,81,990


Asus has unveiled a couple of Nvidia GTX 1070-toting laptops in India. The two devices pack in enough hardware to make a decent gaming rig blush.

To those not in the know, Nvidia’s 10xx series of graphics cards offer a significant bump in performance when compared to the previous generation. These GPUs, in addition to being more powerful, are also more energy efficient and include modules specifically for enhancing VR performance.

The first of the devices is the Asus ROG G752S. This laptop packs in an unlocked sixth generation Intel Skylake chip, an Nvidia GTX 1070 and up to 64GB of RAM. Yes, you read that right. The G752 packs in an unlocked, overclockable CPU. Also note that Asus claims to be using the 1070 and not the 1070m, which means that this GPU will offer desktop class performance in a laptop. It won’t beat a desktop-class 1070, but it’ll certainly come close enough.

Asus also throws in an “overclocking toolkit” that will let you boost speeds to 4.0GHz. The goodies don’t end there as the G752S packs in a 120Hz display as well as a 30-KRO keyboard.

The second device is the ROG Strix GL502VS. This beast is slim and light, tipping the scales at 2.3kgs, but offering an Nvidia GTX 1070 and a 15-inch monitor. The laptop supports up to 32GB of RAM, but Asus hasn’t specified the CPU. They’ve said that it offers lower power consumption, so we’re assuming that the company’s at least thrown in a U series Intel i7.

Asus states that the devices will be available online and offline at prices starting at Rs 1,81,990 and Rs 2,47,990 for the GL502VS and GL752VS respectively.