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Apple Patent Tips Plans for iPhone Wireless Charging via Wi-Fi Router


US tech giant Apple is experimenting with wireless charging technologies that could see you charge your iPhone with a Wi-Fi router.

“Apple’s patent application for ‘Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas’ is a method for transferring power to electronic devices over frequencies normally dedicated to data communications,” Apple Insider reported on Friday.

The patch antennas may be used for wireless power transfer at microwave frequencies or other frequencies and may be used to support millimeter wave communications. The patch antennas may be used to form a beam steering array. The wireless circuitry may include adjustable circuitry to steer wireless signals associated with the antenna array.


“Apple’s patent application merely covers the theory behind wireless power transmission using existing communications link frequencies, and does not divulge specific operating details beyond the implementation of specialized beam forming patch antennas,” the report noted.

There have been several reports about Apple finally offering wireless charging as a feature for its iPhone handsets. The company in the recent past was tipped to be using Qi standard inductive wireless charging technology, and recently also joined the Wireless Power Consortium. The Cupertino giant has also been rumoured to be planning wireless charging at a distance, which if true would be a bold entry into the market.