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Airtel Digital TV Introduces New Long-Term DTH Packs for SD, HD Subscribers


Airtel Digital TV has reportedly introduced six new long-term DTH packs for its subscribers. While some of these packs are valid for both SD and HD subscribers, others are limited to just SD users. All these packs are now said to be available to Airtel Digital TV users via the company website, official app, or customer care. The new Airtel Digital TV long-term packs are Hindi Value SD pack, Ultimate Dhamaka Pack (UDP) SD, Gujarat Value Sports SD, Gujarat Value Sports HD, Gujarat Mega SD, and Gujarat Mega HD.

The new Airtel Digital TV packs are said to come in two validity options – 6 months + 15 days free and 11 months + one month free – effectively providing 6.5 months and 12 months validity to the users, except for the UDP pack, which is only valid for 6 months or 12 months and doesn’t include any free duration. The new packs were spotted by Telecom Talk.

Here is a quick look at the pricing and duration of each pack.

Airtel Digital TV Long Term Pack HD or SD Duration (days) Monthly Price Pack Price Multiple Connection Price
Hindi Value Pack SD 195 Rs. 280 Rs. 1,681 Rs. 1,326
Hindi Value Pack SD 360 Rs. 280 Rs. 3,081 Rs. 2,431
Ultimate Dhamaka Pack (UDP) SD 180 Rs. 200 Rs. 799 Rs. 799
Ultimate Dhamaka Pack (UDP) SD 360 Rs. 200 Rs. 1,349 Rs. 1,349
Gujarat Value Sports Pack SD 195 Rs. 336 Rs. 2,016 Rs. 1,662
Gujarat Value Sports Pack SD 360 Rs. 336 Rs. 3,696 Rs. 3,047
Gujarat Value Sports Pack HD 195 Rs. 475 Rs. 2,852 Rs. 2,352
Gujarat Value Sports Pack HD 360 Rs. 475 Rs. 5,227 Rs. 4,312
Gujarat Mega Pack SD 195 Rs. 510 Rs. 3,062 Rs. 2,424
Gujarat Mega Pack SD 360 Rs. 510 Rs. 5,612 Rs. 4,444
Gujarat Mega Pack HD 195 Rs. 699 Rs. 4,197 Rs. 3276
Gujarat Mega Pack HD 360 Rs. 699 Rs. 7,689 Rs. 6,006

As can be seen in the table above, while the Hindi Value Pack and Ultimate Dhamaka Pack are only being offered to the SD subscribers, the Gujarat Value Sports and Gujarat Mega Packs are available to both HD and SD subscribers. Airtel Digital TV is also providing discounted prices for recharging the second DTH connection.

Meanwhile, Tata Sky, a competitor to Airtel Digital TV, has revised the pricing of its HD and SD set-top boxes in the country. While the Tata Sky HD set-top box is now being sold at Rs. 1,800, the company’s SD set-top box can be purchased at just Rs. 1,600. Airtel Digital TV already offers its HD set-top box at Rs. 1,800 and SD set-top box at Rs. 1,650.